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July Update

So - Did facepainting last Saturday in Station Park.  It was SOOO hot.  We drank gatoraid like it was coolaid, (ugh) and wished we had electricity so we could have a fan.  The awesome kid next to us had a big battery that he was running a small fan and chargers on.  He was like 17.  It was amazing.  Found out the battery was $1000, so...not any time soon...  One girl wanted me to paint her face like a serpent... interesting.  I did Layton Fest on Friday though...and did a little painting.  My booth turned out well, I think -

we only needed one shelf stand, instead of the two we usually do, now that I have some easels to stand stuff on.  I did this painting of my glads... not my best, but I liked it.  Anyway....  more face painting this week, and then some booth time next week.  Like I said...busy busy!!  Hope you have a great day.  :)

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