Let me Introduce Myself

I'm a middle aged wife of an amazing man and crazed mother of seven, who has loved to draw or paint most of my life.  I decided it was about time to display that work and share if anyone is interested.

I've done the illustrations of a book called "Sorry the Stork Takes no Returns" and I've done many paintings.  My favorite medium is watercolor, though I'm getting really fond of acrylic.  All of the paintings displayed here are copywrited.  Please do not copy them or use them without my permission.

Prints are available for any of the paintings or drawings displayed if you place a comment and inquiry below. thanks for coming to look around.  Hope you enjoy your stay.  ;)

This is the drawing that got me the illustration gig.  The author thought it was full of life. ;)

Some more from the book.  I had loads of fun with it.  ;)

Blue wild flowers from Alaska. 

                                     This is one of my favorites, this is watercolor and black ink.

This is a watercolor of a kitten we had once.  My first attempt at an animal.

This is one I did for the book.  Love puppies!


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